The student WEB committee

The Chemistry Student Web Committee is comprised of student volunteers and Ombudspeople who are responsible for the conceptualization, design, development and execution of the University of Chicago Chemistry Department website. They try their best to provide a functional, attractive, and useful website.


Current Web Committee (2016 - )



Current Web Committee (2012 - 2016)


  • Nicholas Rubin (webmaster)


Current Web Committee (2007 - 2011)


  • Bridget Carsten (webmaster)


  • Aashish Adhikari


  • Jiayue Cui


  • Jacqueline DeFoe


  • Jay Foley


The Third Student Web Committee (2005 - 2007)


  • John Jewett (webmaster)


  • Jeff Hammond


  • Miriam Freedman


  • Idiris Karagozi


  • Corey Kilbane


  • Stefan Kilyanik


  • Rene Nome


The Second Student Web Committee (2002 - 2004)

from left


  • Erik Epp


  • Jennifer Gottfried


  • Justin Jureller


  • Ajaykumar Gopal


  • Bob Walicki


  • Michael Schramm


The Original Student Web Committee (2000 - 2002)

Original Design, Development, Graphics and Coding: Ajaykumar Gopal

Original Content and Organization: Mike Lindsay, Wendy Ryan, Cari Schehr, Han Shen, Bob Walicki and Hamid Zaman.

from left


  • Cari Schehr


  • Ajaykumar Gopal


  • Wendy Ryan Gordon


  • Ajaykumar Gopal


  • Hamid Zaman


  • Han Shen


  • Bob Walicki


  • Mike Lindsay


Faculty and Staff Mentions

This work was done with help and direction from the Chemistry Chairman, Administration and Faculty. Prof. James Norris, Prof. Ka Yee Lee, Dr. Vera Dragisich and ZG were constant sources of help and advice.


NSIT Mentions

The Committee wishes to thank the people at NSIT, in particular Therese Nelson, Pratik Dave, Arin Komins and Nathan Weslin for their quick action, encouragement and advise. Besides hosting the site, NSIT developed features like the Event Calendar and Graduate Application that are now being used by this site.


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