Chemistry Courses 2011-2012

Autumn 2011

Chem 10100 Introductory General Chemistry I Staff
Chem 11101 Comprehensive General Chemistry I Engel
Chem 11102 Comprehensive General Chemistry I Dinner
Chem 12100 Honors General Chemistry I Sibener
Chem 22000 Organic Chemistry I Yu
Chem 23000 Honors Organic Chemistry I Yamamoto
Chem 23300 Intermediate Organic Chemistry Yin
Chem 26100 Quantum Mechanics Mazziotti
Chem 30100 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Hopkins
Chem 30400 Organometallic Chemistry Hillhouse
Chem 32100 Physical Organic Chemistry I Lewis
Chem 32200 Organic Synthesis and Structure Rawal
Chem 36100 Wave Mechanics and Spectroscopy Freed
Chem 36300 Statistical Thermodynamics Dinner

Winter 2012

Chem 10200 Introductory General Chemistry II Staff
Chem 11201 Comprehensive General Chemistry II Lee
Chem 11202 Comprehensive General Chemistry II Guyot-Sionnest
Chem 12200 Honors General Chemistry II Butler
Chem 20100 Inorganic Chemistry I Hillhouse
Chem 22100 Organic Chemistry II Yin
Chem 23100 Honors Organic Chemistry II Kozmin
Chem 26200 Thermodynamics Scherer
Chem 26700 Experimental Physical Chemistry Engel
Chem 30200 Synthesis and Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry He
Chem 30600 Chemistry of the Elements Talapin
Chem 32300 Tactics of Organic Synthesis Yamamoto
Chem 33200 Chemical Biology I Kozmin
Chem 36200 Quantum Mechanics Mazziotti
Chem 36400 Advanced Statistical Mechanics Voth

Spring 2012

Chem 11301 Comprehensive General Chemistry III Piccirilli
Chem 11302 Comprehensive General Chemistry III Weizmann
Chem 12300 Honors General Chemistry III Voth
Chem 20200 Inorganic Chemistry II Jordan
Chem 22200 Organic Chemistry III Lewis
Chem 23200 Honors Organic Chemistry III Rawal
Chem 22700 Advanced Organic / Inorganic Laboratory Hopkins
Chem 26300 Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics Lee
Chem 26700 Experimental Physical Chemistry Scherer
Chem 26800/36800 Computational Chemistry and Biology Freed
Chem 30500 Nanoscale Materials Talapin
Chem 30900 Bioinorganic Chemistry He
Chem 32900 Polymer Chemistry Yu
Chem 33300 Chemical Biology II Kent
Chem 36500 Chemical Dynamics Sibener