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Ph.D Student Sara Massey Receives 1st Annual WCC Merck Research Award

Sara C. Massey was awarded one of the 1st Annual WCC Merck Research Awards. This award recognizes excellence in 3rd & 4th year female graduate students with a research focus in one or more of the following - Organic, Medicinal, Analytical, Chemical Biology, Computational or Structural Chemistry...

Radiocarbon Dating by Libby Named Historic Landmark

The American Chemical Society has designated the discovery of radiocarbon dating in the 1940s by Professor Willard Libby at the University of Chicago as a National Historic Chemical Landmark. See the following link for more information: ...

Wenbin Lin Uses Nanotechnology and Light to Attack Cancers

Nanotechnology harnesses power of light to deliver immunotherapy for cancer. See the following link for more details:

Wenbin Lin Develops Nanoparticle Drug Cocktail to Treat Cancer

Professor Wenbin Lin and his group have developed a nanoparticle drug cocktail that could help treat lethal cancers. See the following link for more information:

Two Voth Ph.D Students Awarded Prestigious Simons Junior Fellowships

Mijo Simunovic and James Dama, both recent graduate students in the Voth group and both recipients of the Chemistry Department Cao-Lan-Xian Best Thesis Award in Physical Chemistry, have both been awarded prestigious Junior Fellowships for postdoctoral studies in New York City by the Simons...

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